Fees and admissions

We currently have some places available, so please contact us to get your child booked on. If your child is not ready to start or you are interested in one of our sessions that is currently fully booked, you will be able to put your child’s name on our waiting list and we will contact you as soon as a place becomes available.

We have 26 children at each session and a maximum of 60 children on roll at any one time. Some children come to us for five sessions per week, others for fewer depending on the child’s and the parents’ individual needs and the availability of places. Children’s names may be placed on a waiting list and will be admitted as soon as possible after reaching the age of two in accordance with our policy.

It is the policy of the Pre-school that children are offered a place when they are over the age of 2 years once places become available. Vacant places are initially offered to children already attending Pre-school and once these requests have been satisfied then any remaining places are offered to the children on the waiting list in birth date order (i.e the eldest first). Having your child’s name on the waiting list does not guarantee you a place once your child is 2 years old as this is dependent on the level of demand in relation to the available vacancies.
Once a place is offered to you, it is up to you whether you wish to accept the offer, to defer, or even to withdraw from the list. Upon acceptance of the place we will offer you and your child the opportunity to visit us on a working day, to discuss your child’s individual requirements. You are also very welcome to visited Ecclesall Pre-school prior to placing your child’s name of the waiting list and would like to, please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Please also let us know whether there are medical, social or educational conditions that we need to be aware of before you child starts Pre-school or if there are any changes in your circumstances.

How to apply

To arrange a visit or place your child’s name on the waiting list please get in touch through the contact form or call the manager on 07941 739534 between the hours of 8.30am and 1pm. It would be helpful to us if you could include your child’s name, date of birth, home address and telephone number on the contact form.


Ecclesall Pre-School offers Free Early Learning (FEL) for those that are eligible.

For hours not covered by FEL, the sessional fee is fixed by the management committee and there is no reduction for holidays, illness or closure due to bad weather.  Fees are reviewed annually. 

The hourly rate is £5 and children have to attend full sessions. Monday – Thursday, when we offer an afternoon session, you may choose to have your child attend either the morning (with or without lunch time) or the afternoon session or all day. You will be charged accordingly. In addition you will be invoiced termly for the provision of a snack for your child at a rate of 50p per child per day. Aside from this, there are no further charges for “extras.”

 Cancellation – Notice Period

Please be aware that once you have accepted a place for your child at pre-school you are required to give at least four weeks’ written notice if you intend to withdraw your child.  If you do not give the specified notice you will be charged accordingly up to a maximum of four weeks’ fees.  If you are eligible for Free Early Learning it is the Local Authority’s expectation that you will serve the notice period by bringing your child to pre-school.  Your new provider is expected to check that a notice period has been served before claiming funding.